Another "Which martial art should I take?" thread

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  1. Invincible Summer
    Invincible Summer
    I've taken judo many years ago, didn't go very far as my sensei stopped teaching. It was definitely fun though.

    My university offers a variety of martial arts classes and I'm interested in Shorinji Kempo, Hapkido, or Jiu Jutsu.

    What I like about Kempo and Hapkido (from what I've researched) is that it incorporates striking as well as submissions and throws so one doesn't feel like they have to get in close to do any good.

    Now I'm looking mainly to do this recreationally, but which do you think is more worth my time?
  2. Dr Mindbender
    Not having trained in any of the MA's youve mentioned i'm probably poorly positioned to say categorically.

    I suppose it depends what your expectations and budget are. Ask the instructors these sorts of questions because some martial arts will require you to dig deeper into your pocket than others (training suit, weapons, insurance etc).
  3. Invincible Summer
    Invincible Summer
    Since I already have somewhat of a background in judo, I was thinking I should stick to what I'm famiiliar with and maybe just do jiu jutsu or something...

    but Hapkido looks very interesting
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