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RevLeft Rules

These are the rules every member has to accept when joining RevLeft:

This Community is open to all leftists. Right-wingers are not welcome, but tolerated within the 'Opposing Ideologies' forum. Right-wing messages will be ignored or deleted in all other forums and the author will be banned. If you are a right-winger or convinced capitalist and can accept this rule, good. If not, fuck off and never come back!

Considering the real-time nature of this bulletin board, it is impossible for us to review messages or confirm the validity of information posted. Please remember that we at Revolutionary Left do not actively monitor the contents of and are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. All posts express the views of their authors and not necessarily the views of this board or any entity associated with this board. You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not post any material which is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, antisemitic, knowingly false and/or defamatory, hateful, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this bulletin board.

Note: Fascists of all kinds are not allowed to post on RevLeft. This includes 'National Bolsheviks', 'third positionists' and all other pseudo-leftist fascists.

Privacy Policy

RevLeft guarantees that none of your collected private data such as your email address will be made avialable to others without your prior agreement.

Account Security

Restricted/Suspended/Banned members are not allowed to view or use the accounts of any other members. If any member allows other members to use their account under any circumstances they will have that account banned. Likewise, any member who posts on behalf of a banned member will have their account banned.

Note: Please do not post account information in the forums.

Always understand that the state is monitoring this website. It is a fact.

No explosives, no weapons, no drugs

It is against the guidelines to discuss, promote, glorify, instruct, agitate or incite the practice of terrorism, the art of weapons manufacturing, the making, distribution or selling of explosives or weapons and of illegal narcotics: Anyone posting such information will have it removed and could potentially be banned. It not only puts you at risk, it puts other users and this board at risk.

The state has already shut down and imprisoned website administrators for allowing the posting of bomb making materials (see the case of Sherman Austin).

No personal photos

It is against the boards guidelines to post personal pictures of yourself or of your comrades. If you do so you will have them automatically removed and could be banned from the board.

As we know for a fact that the state monitors this website, along with fascist organisations like Redwatch, we cannot tolerate people posting personal pictures of themselves. It jeopardises your safety and the safety of others.

No talk of or planning political direct actions or illegal activity

It is a stupid, stupid thing to talk openly on a forum like this about any potential or alleged direct action of any kind, especially if it is illegal, which could implicate activists to the police and security services.

Do not, under any circumstances, discuss or attempt to organise any illegal activities or direct action of any kind on the board, including with your Private Messaging systems (they are not secure).

Anyone openly calling for illegal/terrorist activities will be regarded as suspicious and will be banned immediately.

Further to all this: Do not ask for or give out personal information to people you don't know. If someone contacts you asking to arrange a meeting, asking for your name or your personal contact details report them to an administrator immediately.

Remember: The revolutionary left is an active movement of people who advocate the overthrow of the present economic and political systems. It is not a game and we will take very seriously people who violate these established guidelines.

Duplicate Accounts

Members registered on this board are not permittted to create additional accounts. Any duplicate accounts found will be unconditionaly banned, and the original account will receive a warning point.

If the duplicate account was an attempt at circumventing restriction, the original restricted account will besides receiving a warning point also be suspended for a week.


This is a revolutionary left message board, not a promotions vehicle. Any use of this board for advertising will result in an immediate ban. This does not include on-topic links to relevent websites, but any post intended to sell product will be automatically deleted and its poster banned.

Spam/One-Line Posts

Please do not post any one-line posts like "I agree", "Good point", "Hear, Hear", or whatever to increase your post count. If you have nothing productive to say, don't say it! Notorious spammers/one-line posters will be banned.


Flaming is universally not permitted on RevLeft. While we understand that many issues discussed here are controversial and emotionally charged, we also understand that emotional responses can get out of hand. This means that posts containing little but personal insults, name-calling and/or threats are not permitted.

Repeated flaming in posts containing nothing of substance except flames will result in warning points, and incorrigible offenders may be banned. In some cases threads which degenerate into "flame wars" will be locked with the participants prohibited from reviving them in any form.

Discriminatory Language

As this is an internet message board, it is impossible for us to know the intent behind posts. Accordingly, we take all members' comments at their face value.

Because of this, any use of discrmiinatory or oppressive language is not permitted. This includes all obvious instances of derogatory slurs related to race, ethnicity, sex, orientation, or any other immutable characteristic, as well as any derogatory use of applicable descriptive terms like "cunt", "gay" or "Jew".

Any use of discriminatory language may result in administrative action, and continued use will almost certainly result in a ban.

Age of Consent

Due to the provisions of current law, both in the United States of America (where RevLeft's servers exist) and internationally, any posts and/or threads that advocate the breaking or abolition of age of consent laws under the current capitalist order, or sexual activity with a minor in violation of those laws, will result in the post or thread in question being deleted and the poster(s) facing administrative action, decided by the admins, up to and including permanent banning. Theorizing about the question of age-of-consent laws in a hypothetical post-capitalist society, or discussion about the theoretical and philosophical basis of those laws, is acceptable as long as it stays within those boundaries.

Procedure for administrative action, i.e. The Warning System

These guidelines are aimed at dealing with users who breach the board guidelines in relation to flaming, trolling, spamming or social prejudice.
When a user breaches these guidelines the following procedure applies:
Procedure for administrative action, i.e. The Warning System These guidelines are aimed at dealing with users who breach the board guidelines in relation to flaming, trolling, spamming or social prejudice. When a user breaches these guidelines the following procedure applies:
1) Warning by mod or admin, offending posts/threads are removed.

2.) If after a warning the warned behavior continues the user may be given an infraction.

Infractions should follow a warning to a user. Infractions for spam or flaming should be given for repeated, regular cases, not one-off posts. Reaching 5 Infractions or 100% Warning Level

1) When any user receives 5 infractions/100% warning level for the first time, it will result in a one week temporary suspension of posting abilities.

2) Infractions for Flaming, Spam, and Trolling expire after six months. A user returning from suspension must not receive any more infractions until previous infractions expire.

Using pictures on the forum

Posting non-topical pictures in forums outside of Chit-Chat is strictly against the rules. There are many reasons for this, ranging from a general cluttering of the message board to the difficulty of loading picture-laden pages for those of us with slower connections, and we ask you all to respect these rules. Non-topical pictures are those which are not directly related to the subject at hand (LOL pics, etc...). An acceptable picture (or thumbnail) would be a graph, a picture related to a news story which is important to debate, etc... Again, please refrain from posting pictures in forums outside of Chit Chat, the action forums, and the cultural forums.

Graphic Content

Posted graphic content - in this context disturbing videos and pictures, depicting occurances of overt violence, torture, killings etc - must be preceded by the text 'trigger warning:', as well as put inside spoiler tags, so that other users may decide whether to view them or not. Failing to adhere to this new rule will lead to administrative action, so if uncertain always contact a Moderator or an Admin.

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