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    Indeed, capitalism requires organisations like the CIA and the NSA to conduct accurate investigations into how to keep capitalism on life support. Personally, I would rather have the money spent on these organisations get spent researching quantum mechanics, exploring Mars, or something else scientifically valuable.

    To raise a point of my own, I was just watching Stephen Colbert interview Neil Degrasse Tyson and the first point Stephen asked "is it better to know or not to know." I agree with Neil's reply, science is always a good thing. Furthermore, technology is generally a good thing too. Technology has been an incredibly liberating force throughout history, for example, the Internet prevents dictators from controlling information which has been enormously liberating. Judging from your own pro-science and pro-technology views I am probably preaching to the choir.
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    Thanks. I wasn't really expecting you to rethink your position, but in this case I am happy to see that I was wrong about you, since your previous message is pretty much dead-on.

    Here's a thought that occurs to me; in order for capitalism to be successful enough to become a globally dominant socioeconomic system, it needs a source of reliable facts about reality. Scientific investigation is very good at providing such facts.
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    You were right to downvote me back then. After I realised that "computer science" inherits flaws from capitalism I mistakenly thought other sciences like physics might also inherits flaws from capitalism. However, I now realise I was wrong. We have a vast amount of accurate scientific knowledge from fields such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology.

    All the scientific knowledge we need is already there in capitalist society, it is just that it isn't being put to proper use. In particular, our scientific knowledge isn't being used to produce effective technologies, such as efficient computers. The field of "computer science" is flawed because our computer technology is flawed not because our scientific understanding is flawed.

    The people on this site who claim that our "bourgeoisie sciences" are flawed are frauds. Technology is hindered by capitalism but not science.
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    Care to explain your downvote beyond "you talk a load of utter shite"?
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