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  1. The Insurrection
    Good luck
  2. ∞
    Also although I've insulted you quite a bit. Nothing has showed off your hypocritical nature more than how you assessed what kind of person I am. By accounting my age, you have placed me in many stereotypes of people my age and quite frankly, you committed ageism. You somehow equated my "rudeness" with "lack of intelligence" (because for some reason only nice people are smart) and that as a result of me being 17. You are disgusting, and no insult I did to you could ever match up to stupidity of what you put on my wall, you condescending prick.
  3. ∞
    Not really, I decide to do it. I'm not a "devout" member of the left like you. I don't eat veggies and refuse to play video games because you shoot people. I am able to enjoy my life and not have it governed by guts. Thats the difference between us two. You are completely governed by your heart and 'tis why your posts have such a annoying, moralistic tone to them. Anarchists like you are why I couldn't feel comfortable calling myself one. This entire notion that your prolier than thou because you are "above" insulting people and you "SUCH AN AWESHUM LEFTIST OMG WUT A GEWD PERSON,"-in reality you contribute very little, if not nothing to humanity. Whats the difference between you and I? I have come to accept that fact about myself and embrace pleasure and the comfort it brings me in my life, true freedom, without restraint. You can't feel this way because of your putrid moralism.
  4. The Insurrection
    So you just copy other people? That's pathetic.
  5. ∞
    Listen here hippy. I'm one of the smartest motherfuckers on here and I'm doing quite well for myself. Just because I insult stupid comments doesn't make me "less intelligent or wise than you", because someone just decided to crown you the chief ideologue of generic street wisdom. Insulting stupid posts is a revleft tradition, yet some of the best minds I know partake in this folly.
  6. The Insurrection
    Your last response is exactly what a 17 year old child would say. It's text book. "You don't know me" - "I don't need a life lesson"...Actually, in my experience I know your type quite well, and what you need more than anything in the world is a lesson in life. Grow up fast, because otherwise you'll get left behind. The world doesn't like rude, angry know-it-alls.
  7. ∞
    Don't give me a life lesson. I don't need that shit. And you don't know anything about me homie stop trying to analyze me and tell me what kind of person I am. I ain't a fuckin hippie so I make sure motherfuckers get put in their place when they say stupid shit.
  8. The Insurrection
    You insult peoples comments in the way you do because you're not very intelligent; have anger issues and have no other way to communicate with people than to be rude to them and call them names. It's OK. You're only 17, this kind o childish behaviour is expected. It's kind of sad, but you have time to turn your life around.
  9. ∞
    Just be careful who you try to negrep. You can't negrep me but I sure as hell can negrep you into oblivion if you want to play this game.

    I insult dumbass comments (you have to admit what that person said was purely idiotic), and thats how I do things. I know insulting people is something your hipppie brain can't comprehend.
  10. The Insurrection
    I know you don't give a fuck. That's the problem.
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