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  1. freethinker
    Happy Holidays!
  2. freethinker
    Until This summer I was raised by my parents to be a social Democrat..
    But then I finally started opening my mind and I understood all of the injustice of capitalism all of the good lives that were ruined, all of the mothers and children ruthlessly exploited all of the bigotry all of the hate all of the uncertainty given this I thought it was silly for proclaimed communists to fight amongst themselves
    But again look what Stalin did Troksy and the original revolutionaries
    Look at Mao' Ze Zong's Cultural Revolution
    How about the coup on Nitka Krustev in 1964 or the coup on Gorbachev in 1991
    (contrary to Stalinist and capitalist opinions both of these people were true communists)
    Stalinist = A different face of the ugly head of conservative nationalism
  3. Red Rosa
    agreed. yeah, that's the part that can be hardly understood. and shouldn't be anyway. Stalin would be absolutely nothing without Lenin and other Bolsheviks (especially Lenin) and look at how he treated Lenin's wife after his death, what he did with Bolsheviks as you already know...yeah, i think that's the part that is the most conspicious and astounding (shocking perhaps is a better word ). When did you try to commit to that and when and how you decided not to?
  4. freethinker
    I Honestly try to commit to Red Unity...
    But lets look at Stalinism even if all of it's failures and crimes were to be ignored (I.e Mao Ze Zong, fall of the U.S.S.R) one will still see of the times they have betrayed other communists- they simply cannot be trusted.
  5. Red Rosa
    thanks! well, i really can't see how anyone could miss that point; the explanation would be that they either didn't read Marx or they thought of something else while doing it.
  6. freethinker
    Hello I read your post in Stalinist
    Glad to find that someone on here is sane...
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