Conversation Between Engel and Dzerzhinsky's Ghost

  1. Engel
    The flag is very aesthetically appealing. Its insignia (the hammer and compass) is very unique in my opinion. It's a shame that they discourage its use in Germany today. Give me back the Berlin Wall comrade! The fall of the wall has lead to a severe economic and social decline in the East as many in that area have moved into the western part of Germany. Under the DDR they had job security and various worker benefits such as free day care and schooling for the children which allowed the women to work. Since the collapse of the wall the factories have been shut down and the area is a mess tbh.
  2. Dzerzhinsky's Ghost
    Interesting, aesthetically speaking, I really dig the East German flag; the symbol is real neat.
  3. Engel
    Most of my family is from the area encompassed by former East Germany. I must confess that I greatly prefer the East German flag to that of any other Eastern bloc state!
  4. Dzerzhinsky's Ghost
    I like the avatar mate.
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