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  1. 'Don't let the whole situation get too far.'
    I hadn't planned on doing so.; I'm not quite bothered by their decision although I am a bit disappointed due to their still being the religious board that is fit for discussion of this nature. Though, it is rather nice to be capable of discussing religion within a group.
  2. Le Socialiste
    Don't let the whole situation get too far. I've accepted their position (while making clear my disapproval on the matter). It's too bad, since this action basically alienates our spiritual/religious comrades. Ostracizing certain elements of the Left doesn't do us any good. But that's the measure their pushing...
  3. Le Socialiste
    I did like the anti-clerical group (which I just joined), but I agree - this ruling is ridiculous. I personally think these mods are a little over-the-top, but I'm done arguing over it. Knowing them, I'd be restricted (or worse). Sorry to hear your group was shut down.
  4. It appears I've been accused of 'spamming' the board of this for a single thread.
    It appears the Abrahamic Religious Discussion Group has been closed.
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