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  1. El Chuncho
    Yeah. He is a hypocrite. I am sick of him smugly having ''Respectful Discussion Advocacy'' or whatever he calls it as his main tendency, yet always fails to post by it. And who cares what people believe when it comes to the afterlife? Why should a religious view automatically make them non-socialists?
  2. augustwest is an extremely boring person disengage comrade disengage
  3. El Chuncho
    No, it isn't, indeed. But because they know that they already have no chance with the conservatives, they flock to the left. Note that they are mostly anarchists, because they do not want state ''meddling'' and much laws.
  4. frankly i don't get it man. its not reactionary to understand that children should not be had sex with.
  5. El Chuncho This post you made is so true. I get a little sick of arguing with them about the supposed rights of paedophiles!
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