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  1. TheGodlessUtopian
    Life situation changed so I probably won't have enough time to administer RevLeft like before so I thought it best I resign and avoid clogging up the system.
  2. Le Socialiste
    Your name's purple - what happened?
  3. TheGodlessUtopian
    Thank you for the greetings
  4. Le Socialiste
    Happy Birthday, and congrats on the 'promotion'.
  5. TheGodlessUtopian
    Thank you.sorry for not sending it with the original message.
  6. Le Socialiste
    I would, but I don't know what it's called...could you send me a link?

    Edit: nevermind, I found it.
  7. TheGodlessUtopian
    I made a usergroup to promote the continuation of forum games.Will you join please?
  8. TheGodlessUtopian
    I see,sounds cool. I usually write science fiction and politics. With anything that doesn't have to do with modern movements, such as fantasy, I usually have some small hints of politics mixed in, but is usually focused on the plot.
  9. Le Socialiste
    It varies. Lately I've been delving into political theories, as well as specific camps within the socialist movement. Some of it is for personal reference/use, but a lot of it I share with others who are interested. Aside from that, I enjoy writing - whether it be in the form of a short story, poem, or any longer piece of work. Some of it definitely concerns political/social events and tendencies, but most of it is just about things that I take interest in or some spontaneous/intriguing idea.
  10. TheGodlessUtopian
    What material do you write? Just political or all sorts?
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