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  1. Quail
    There is a fairly big anarchist scene here, so maybe it's all of us being on here that makes Sheffield seem so big I wouldn't worry too much about the CCTV cameras. I personally cover my face on a lot of demos, but I think I can be a bit over-paranoid. As long as you're not doing anything dodgy, you'll be fine without covering your face generally though. Also, I think London is the worst place for CCTV. It's not quite so bad in smaller towns/cities.
  2. Magón
    Huh? Must be the whole Anarchist scene there then, that makes me think it's such a large place? Most of the time when I speak or see someone's from there, they're an Anarchist. Guess I'll have to check it out sometime when I get those $$$'s and my passport renewed. Only problem with England and the UK in general, is all those cameras. :/
  3. Quail
    It's not that big a place. There are a quite a few people I know on this website actually. There seem to be a lot of anarchists here (and trots, unfortunately). It's a nice place though, I really like it,
  4. Magón
    Is Sheffield a big place in Britain? For some reason, whenever I see someone's from Britain on the internet, their originally from Sheffield, or they moved there, it's always Sheffield. Also, apparently some friends of a special friend of mine (who's not from Sheffield), are from Sheffield. Sounds like a big ass place?
  5. Quail
    I wasn't thinking about that when I changed my name. I just wanted a name that isn't my real name.
  6. Magón
    I just realized your name change parallels the same species of bird, that California has as it's state bird. So in essence, I'm sorry.
  7. Quail

    Had more than half of this
  8. Magón
    Try saying that after having half of this... with the Worm.
  9. Quail
    Oh my words are never skurred!
  10. Magón
    Well least your words aren't slurred this time. But I get like that sometimes too.
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