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  1. Magón
    Sounds like an interesting film. Not the one I was thinking of (still can't think of the name itself), but sounds interesting. I liked Oliver Reed in Gladiator. Too bad he died during the filming of it though. I guess he went out like a boss though, the night before.
  2. Os Cangaceiros
    It's Oliver Reed in Ken Russell's "The Devils". He's a libertine/sexual hedonist Jesuit priest who defends his town against the nobility in France and is later executed for it. It's a good movie, I'd recommend watching it if you ever get a chance.

    Oliver Reed is one of my favorite actors, though. He was a baller in all the movies I've seen of his.
  3. Magón
    Your avatar looks familiar. What's it from?
  4. Magón
    I think it has more to do with my years of Uni, and the people I know. . . . So yeah, the Liberal Elite circle of students have drawn me in with them.
  5. Os Cangaceiros
    you like your directors to be all pretentious and artsy fartsy, dontcha?

    you wine-sipping elitist
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