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    Hello, how are you? I am currently inactive on this forum, as I both have a lot of work to do with regard to my post-graduate entry examinations, and due to the fact that I began organizing a new non-sectarian, far-left group open to both left communists and revolutionary anarchists. Its site is in Ukrainian, and is just under construction, but if you have time, you may have a look on it later - .

    Have a nice time!
  2. Kiev Communard
    I have greatly enhanced my knowledge of anarchism by reading the relevant books by Vadim Damier (the larger Russian-language paper version is my next designated must-read after Das Kapital, which I am currently reading, and by Lucien van der Walt and Michael Schmidt. The bibliography to these books contain further references that you may want to Google
  3. What sources do you use to learn the history of anarchism? You seem to have a deeper knowledge of the movement and politics throughout the field than I do. Libcom?
  4. Looks like Chattopadhyay has made an impression on you! Have you managed to dig into The Life and Death of Stalinism as well? I think its a good supplement, despite being kind of weak on the origins (they are Trots), and somewhat polemical, but its very nice how much it provides documentation of Soviet bureaucratic capitalists complaining how they can't manage their firms as much like Western ones, and in my opinion explains the essential accumulative logic underpinning the system: Increase the value of the Single National Capital at all costs.
  5. I'll read these and get back to you with some discussion points, maybe a thread.
  6. Thanks. I really like discussions like this.
  7. Kiev Communard - Libertarian Communism, the most important work of Puente. - Diego de Santillan's more Syndicalist proposal.
  8. Thanks! Don't suppose you have any good further reading sources on this and the other state-skeptic transitional programs we reviewed. Where can I read about Puente/Urales?
  9. Kiev Communard
    Sorry for not replying for a long time, I am too busy with my work now. However, in reply to your question on CNT and Zaragoza Programme, I may say that Puente/Urales group attached too much importance to the necessity of local self-sufficiency, while Maximov obviously views the future economy as integrated whole, avoiding the possible pitfalls associated with excessive emphasis on local communities.
  10. Hey, was wondering if you had any thoughts on Mike Macnair's review of the Jairus Banaji book, and Macnair's politics more generally. Also, if you could ever let me know what exactly formulated the superiority of Maximov's program to the "niavete" you alluded to re. the CNT Zaragosa program, I'd appreciate it. Feel free to reply via PM. I value your material analysis.
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