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  1. Die Neue Zeit
    While you haven't been as hysterical as others towards over-the-top polemic, there's history and then there's the present:

    [That is, if you're willing to consider the issues of crime and punishment more seriously.]
  2. Die Neue Zeit
    On the progressive nature of Breakthrough Military Coups:
  3. Lenina Rosenweg
    Hey no problem. Didn't mean to come on overly harsh. I've been guilty of thread derailment myself.I enjoy your posts, I just wanted to focus on the current US economy.
  4. Die Neue Zeit
    I'll shut up then.
  5. Die Neue Zeit
    Nice cartoon av you have. Where's it from?
  6. Die Neue Zeit
    Injecting more Kautsky into Stalin, if you're interested:
  7. Lenina Rosenweg
    The anime figure by my posts was just something I got off youtube. I looked up "communist anime" and that's all I came up with. I'm thinking of changing it. The one in the message board is Utena Tenjou. She's called Revolution Girl, although this has no connection w/politics. She's portrayed as a tomboy and models herself after a prince. I think she's cool.
  8. Die Neue Zeit
    What's with the anime, by the way?
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