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  1. Weezer
  2. Welcome back!!!!
  3. Aah, that's the word I was looking for - premenant revolution. It's a load of horse shit. And I see nothing wrong with a world revolution, but not a simultaneous one in all areas of the world with different levels of development with some in feudalism and some in capitalism.

    But yes. Send me a PM and I will try a convert you to Hoxhaism, it is a very attractive tendency and from what you've told me so far I think you'll like it.
  4. Weezer
    I'm more doubtful of the permanent revolution theory than a world revolution theory, imo. A world revolution seems possible, or at least the revolution will eventually cover the whole world, I'm just uncertain that feudalism can be superseded by socialism without the bourgeois democratic revolution. I'm sort of uncertain where I stand ideologically right now as well.
  5. I also used to be a Trot, until I realised that the two-stage jump or whatever they call it nowadays is pure horse shit, and simultaneous world revolution would be a great thing to happen, but is extremely unrealistic.
  6. Weezer
    Haha yeah. I used to be a Trotskyist, but even still that's technically an authoritarian ideology. I agree with libertarians and other ideologies on some points, but I've been in a more Anti-Revisionist mood as of lately. Most revolutionaries agree with each other on like 95% of the issues anyways, or at least we should be.
  7. Yes. I think that's because we're both authoritatians. But I also find myself often agreeing with anarchists/trotskyists/whatever so it's often a matter of personal opinion too.
  8. Weezer
    I usually agree with them, you're one of the better members here imo.
  9. Thankyou, why is that
  10. Weezer
    I like your posts a lot.
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