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  1. by the way, i agree completely, those bastards use reformist slogans! death to slogans!
  2. I don't know what you mean mister kassad. you're working two jobs to finace your state capitalist theory, i see. we're both allies against the 'socialist' countries of the world fighting 'imperialism'

    how silly state capitalists can be, yes?
  3. Kassad
    Not bad. Somewhere in between me working two jobs and paying all of my own tuition makes me feel so very petty-bourgeois. Still speaking at conferences that you struggle to even get 200 people out for? Sounds like real revolutionary work.
  4. How is your college campus, by the way? I hear it is a prime place to turn people onto revolutionary cliffeism.

    You should give it a try. I know you haven't read any Marx ever, and thats good. You should just pick up some cliff so you can really know how to make arguments against those evil state capitalist totalitarian bastards!
  5. Kassad
    Poor kid. Has your branch of WWP hit an average age of 85 yet? Or are they holding on, just praying that the Democrats will spend our tax dollars on "jobs, not war?"
  6. Leaning towards the brilliance of tony cliff, I see, very good. tell me what you think of Soviet Russian state capitalism/nightmareism
  7. Kassad
    Eh, if I was drunk and looking for laughs, yeah.
  8. james cannon is pretty good, but Cliff where its at
  9. Kassad
    Yeah, I'm sure.
  10. state capitalism has infected your views, repent!
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