Conversation Between Kassad and Yehuda Stern

  1. Yehuda Stern
    Maybe we will. That'll be a gain all around.
  2. Kassad
    Yeah, I'm back to stay and I've developed a lot politically. Frankly, Trotskyist history is really appealing to me and I've been writing papers about it. Who knows, maybe you fucks will win me over someday.
  3. Yehuda Stern
    Not formally, but we have been having discussions for a while. We released a statement detailing the nature of our relations a while back. The history of unprincipled fuses and splits among Marxist groups teaches one to be careful. As for the article you're reading, I think it's really fantastic. I just quoted part of it in a discussion on Afghanistan.
    Nice to see you're still here, btw.
  4. Kassad
    Is the ISL affiliated with the LRP in the United States? I've been reading up on my Trotskyism recently and have read a lot of stuff from them. They have a hell of an article that chronicles a LRP debate with a member of the Spartacist League with responses from the IG, IBT etc.
  5. Yehuda Stern
    Well, I'll give you a short answer and if you want me to elaborate I can do so through PM: yes, the ISL supports a one state solution, but specifically demands a Palestinian workers state, due to our adherence to permanent revolution.
  6. Kassad
    Question. Do you/the ISL support a one-state solution in Palestine? I guess people hear so much from different groups, organizations and parties that sometimes we don't see the perspective from people actually living there.
  7. Kassad
    It truly makes me feel dirty on the inside.
  8. Yehuda Stern
    We have to stop agreeing on things:
  9. Kassad
    Maybe I need to re-evaluate my re-evaluation if you support it.
  10. Yehuda Stern
    Certainly hope the fact I thanked that post of yours wouldn't cause you to reconsider your reevaluation.
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