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  1. icepick
    hi its Holden, i can remove stuff like this, i fucking love being a mod,

    anyhoo just read your post telling people to be sensible in my forum cheers, i deleted a post under that one making more stupid statements with your post quoted...
  2. to cable street
  3. icepick
    too bad. what's it refer to?
  4. na, it's just alias a load of antifascists use.
  5. icepick
    nice. did he write Bash the Fash?
  6. yeah, that's him. i talk to him on msn and have got downloads of there paper.
  7. icepick
    over the net. i also emailed Kay Bullstreet in Hereford for copies of the Hereford Heckler for inspiration. Is that the same guy on here?
  8. icepick
    good stuff
  9. aye, good news. gonna do the interview in person or over the net?
  10. yeah, it's interesting and shows a class struggle history of the area and what we can learn from it, also many of circumstances are the same as now.
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