Conversation Between Dyslexia! Well I Never! and apathy maybe

  1. And now I think about it, the other person is "Cult of Reason", you may also know them.
  2. Ah, thank you for the explanation. I did in fact encounter the person who I was thinking of in another situation. Obviously you aren't that person, instead being some strange person, such as Jazzratt, from Britain.

    Feel free to now ignore me .
  3. Obviously I am the one and only apathy maybe. However, I am unsure who you are. Your title is "Voice of Reason", which if my memory serves me correctly (and it may well not be), is or was the name of a member of this site.

    Thus, I am confused if you are this member, or if you are just another of these strange technocratic people that come from Britain (along with Jazzratt, NoXion and Kami).

    If you are in fact just a random person who I haven't encountered before, feel free to ignore me.
  4. Who the fuck are you?
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