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  1. Die Neue Zeit
    Now that the board is back up, what exactly are the rumours that Lars Lih deliberately or unintentionally omitted key stuff?
  2. Die Neue Zeit
    Indeed. The Revolutionary Marxists usergroup was the original non-doctrinaire communist group (early 2008 vs. late 2009).
  3. Die Neue Zeit
    Bordiga's Dialogue With Stalin is, unfortunately, not on MIA. When I cited this critique of Stalin's Economic Problems, I was doing so second-hand.
  4. What is Bordiga's critique of the USSR specifically called, and is it on MIA?
  5. Die Neue Zeit
    FYI, comrade, there's a lot of strategic compatibility between Socialist Industrial Unionism, "Erfurtism," and Old Bolshevism. Where this really counts is distinguishing between DeLeon's organizational take on maximalism and the World Socialist Movement's more crudely educational one.

    Comrade Miles also wrote of DeLeon's contributions. At one time comrade Cockshott was very inspired by DeLeon and Bordiga at the same time as Mao.
  6. Die Neue Zeit
    There can exist generalized commodity production without markets, but even on a macro level Stalin admitted to generalized commodity production, from the kolkhozy to urban retail distribution.
  7. I can't see how there could have been commodity production without a market apparatus to facilitate the exchange between commodities.
  8. Die Neue Zeit
    To express constructive disagreement with Ticktin here: there's also the possibility of a coordinator state running the generalized commodity production show.
  9. Die Neue Zeit
    "Strongman aesthetic"? I really do think, comrade, that full-blown Lassalleanism would be a far more productive political attachment to such "strongman aesthetic."
  10. Die Neue Zeit
    A mixture of the pareconist view with Bordiga's critique re. generalized commodity production, but not going so far as to declare "State Capitalist!" (the Soviet Union per se under Stalin and his successors, not most of the so-called People's Democracies)
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