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  1. dez
    bear in mind that the very intention of the debate is not to rationalize anything but to promote a political agenda..
  2. Brother No. 1
    Darn..I have to go solo now..Damn i hate doing that.
  3. dez
    ill get on it later, cant do it atm
  4. Brother No. 1
    Please check the "is Stalin as bad as hitler" thread to protect Stalin's name.
  5. Brother No. 1
    Yeah. Mao knew what he was doing and knew the costs but watching and allowing Counter-Revolutionary actions couldnt be tolerated.
  6. dez
    Stalin and mao had a great relationship - both personally and diplomatically, but I think the fundamental reason in the split was kruschovs pacification policy. He intended to approach SU to the west and demobilize the soviet proletariat, something that is counter revolutionary at heart and could not be tolerated.
  7. Brother No. 1
    Yes for he and Stalin were comrades and when she was told his comrade was a "Mass murder" he didnt believe and hated the Revisionist for doing that. He had good reasons.
  8. dez
    Had sino soviet relations not been destroyed, most of asia (and consequently, of the world) would be socialist.
    It would be a matter of time before a world revolution, the defeat in germany would be a black dot in history...

    Mao was in a great deal responsible for distancing PRC from SU, with good reason, and he also left deng xiaoping alive, also with good reason.
  9. Brother No. 1
    Nika brought a end to the Sino-Soviet Relations. Nika brought a end to the Anti-Revisonism in the CCCP, a sad day, and Deng brought a end to Maoism in China after Mao's death. they basicly copied the Russian Revisionist way of taking a Socialist leader and denouncing him and making them in control.
  10. dez
    Perhaps. I dont know.
    I think Kruschov brought the end to the peoples republic over his revisionist policies, deng was unavoidable.
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