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  1. Made a revleft group on aim whenever you are available, I'm not sure if you have to accept an invite or anything. It's only me, Ghost Bebel, Welshy, and you at the moment.
  2. Do you have aim or msn or anything?
  3. I'll keep that in mind. Building a branch from scratch seems like a very hard task especially in a very conservative area. However I do want to get into contact with other socialists and maybe do some political work in an organization. So it's either ISO or start a branch with Socialist Alternative or Socialist Action (who has also asked me).

    Until I can move at least.
  4. Q
    Yeah, the CWI, in my experience, has been relatively far more tolerant. Of course there are limits, often more in a practical sense as there is little room for longrunning debate. Papers are written with a 'broad mass' in mind that should be convinced of joining the CWI and strike. 'Discussions' have more the character of rallies and dissenting views are tolerated, but not encouraged in any way.

    That is better than most other organisations I guess. But if you're going to start from scratch on a local level anyway, there is little point in joining I think.
  5. They have a branch in Cincinnati, which is an hour from where I live. Closest leftist org branch by a long shot to me, its more just because of convenience.

    However, Sentinel is trying to get me into contact with a Socialist Alternative (CWI) member near where I live so we can start a branch here.

    However, either option is pretty slim as I don't have a car or a job to pay for one so at the moment the amount of activism I could contribute would be minimal. CWI seems like a quality org though.
  6. Q
    Say, why are you considering joining the ISO? I'm not sure they're tolerant enough to have you
  7. Q
    His main intellectual political work seems to be in Critique, which is pretty unaccessable since an academic press owns the archive and asks ridiculous prices for it.

    There is one on Amazon though, but again it must be done by an academic press as the pricing is ridiculous.

    Someone needs to be be a rebel and scan these pages.
  8. Do you know where one would find a place to buy Hillel Ticktin's works? None of them seem to be on amazon.
  9. Q
    I agree, if you like it you can also put it on your sig or share it otherwise
  10. Ah, thanks. I feel it's important to have an alternative to the clearly false dichotomy between whether the Soviet economy was capitalist or some kind of worker's state.
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