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    Lets unite and decide our fate ? Will you revolt

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    Lal Salam to The Army wing of the Left

    To whomsoever it may address,

    Enough is enough
    They have Nuclear Bombs .
    They have SMGs
    They have automized guns
    We have the sickle and the hammer
    Proletarians are thrashed by the masters and yet he stays a mute spectator to all the atrocities
    Should we hush our voices and calm our souls with those mere drops of consolation

    Let the left rise
    Pick up the hammer and the sickle to rise up against those exploiters
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    I thought of making a blog before to write my thoughts from stuff I recently read, but then I realized I don't want anyone to read my banal ramblings except for me. I solved this conundrum of wanting to clarify my thoughts while not embarrassing myself among my peers by posting completely anonymously in /leftypol/ (sorry Ismail), a leftist imageboard on 8chan. I made this post on a thread where someone advocated "Revision" without realizing what theoretical revisionism meant. With a few
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    Mexico: Elections, Class Struggle & the Construction of a Socialist Organization

    Mexico: Elections, class struggle and the construction of a socialist organization

    April 29, 2015

    By: Jimena Vergara
    Group: Workers' Movement for Socialism (MTS) of Mexico

    Beginning with the position expressed by the parents of the 43 student teachers, of repudiating the June 7 elections, it has been much discussed what the appropriate tactic is so that the discontent expressed in the streets will burst into the
  5. sixdollarchampagne's Avatar

    Baltimore and the other face of imperialist "democracy"

    Baltimore and the other face of imperialist "democracy"

    April 29, 2015

    By Diego Sacchi
    Group: PTS (Socialist Workers Party) of Argentina

    The revolt in the streets of Baltimore demanding "Justice for Freddie Gray," the young Afro-American murdered by the police, has made one remember the pictures
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