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  1. Q's Avatar

    An address to the "general strikists"

    In this post I shortly address the issues with the strategy (as opposed to the tactic) of the general strike. The post is a reply to another user.

    One Day Strikes are garbage (In Japan they'll even help with one-day strikes because they know everyone gets back to work the next morning on time). they do nothing but make good photo-ops and headline grabbers for the newspapers, but they're extremely ineffective in accomplishing anything.

    This striking doesn't work. They've
  2. Die Neue Zeit's Avatar

    Institutions: Organizational Fetishes vs. Organizational Focus

    There's organizational fetishism, and then there's organizational focus. This may evoke a kind of secular evangelism on the subject, but without organizational focus, one will never see a revolutionary period for the working class.

    Organizational focus demands a synthesis of the best elements each lesser "form" has to offer:

    - Immediate trade unions were formed in opposition to craft unions, organizing active skilled and unskilled workers on the basis of