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  1. Ẋʼn's Avatar
    Oooh, I'm curious now!
  2. Black Sheep's Avatar
    When i god forumod'd, the forum was about to be upgraded,or the black&red skin to be removed, or something like that, and [B]i was a global mod[/B]!

    RIght there, under (or over) the forum moderator title there it was, global fucking moderator! And i could ban and delete and move all around the boards.

    But the next day it was gone, and i wept like i have never wept before.
  3. Bandito's Avatar
    Hahaha! Brilliant!
  4. Le Librer's Avatar

    Egomania is the new sexy tho. Many have ventured, few can survive it.
  5. Martin Blank's Avatar