Female Yugoslav Partisans

Photos of female partisans in Yugoslavia.
  1. Singing Partisan warriors of both sexes march to board a schooner from an island in the Adriatic Sea.  The fighting men and women will soon be on...
  2. Girl fighters in a group of guerillas in Yugoslavia.  Almost one-third of Marshal Tito's forces is reported to be made up of teen aged girls and...
  3. Wounded Yugoslav girl warrior learns to operate machine gun while convalescing in Malta.
  4. Girl veterans of General Tito's forces at battle practice.  These Yugoslav girls recovering from wounds, are preparing for return to the fighting...
  5. Female partisan from Kozara mountains
  6. Two wounded partisans being treated at a hospital in Bari
  7. Mira Pejić, 1944
  8. Titove partizanke
  9. Yugoslav girl fighter
  10. Cankarjeve brigade, May 1943
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