Raven/HU/APL stuff

  1. Hoxhaist Union Emblem
  2. Albanian workers councils.
  3. I have way too much time on my hands, but sadly no AK. 
I don't think this is an official HU graphic yet.
  4. Cigarettes,caffeine and my obsessive Narcissism produced this. 
I was going for the Che Guevera-esque look. Revolucion!
  5. I find myself doodling on paint in-between computer work... 
this is my latest idea; I'm melting a cappie zombie with a hammer and sickle. A little...
  6. I was fucking around with Paint for an MS paint related thread; 
I decided to draw myself, and my Comrade Slavjanski of the HU. 
A little cliche,...
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