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I witnessed history
  1. ZhanJiang 2012-9 
I organized a seminar in Zhanjiang.The main participants are the students of the Maoming and Zhanjiang older workers.
  2. NanNing 2011-10-4 
I follow the Guangxi College Society to rural research. Evening, held cultural activities, students sing revolutionary songs.
  3. NanNing 2011-10-5 14.07.42 
In the campus of Guangxi University, for discussion.
  4. ZhanJiang 2011-09-21 16.26.51 
Every year, we hang banners and articles in the Old Town city center and propaganda of Mao Zedong Thought.
  5. ZhanJiang 2011-12-26 
Every year, we hang banners and articles in the Old Town city center and propaganda of Mao Zedong Thought.
  6. MaoMing 2010-12-25 
Guangdong Institute of Petrochemical Technology, Professor progress, students are engaged in a symposium to commemorate the 117...
  7. BeiJing 2011-2-24 
This is a site office space. This site called "Mao Zedong's banner", is China's second largest left-wing website. This site each...
  8. BeiJing 2012-2-23 
This is a small bookstore. However, the website set up in this bookstore is China's largest left-wing website. All leftists are...
  9. BeiJing 2011-2-20 
A transgenic Symposium ends. The left-wing scholars in communication, to discuss how to jointly sent a letter to the national...
  10. JiNan 2011-2-19 
I participated in a college student winter practice. Shandong Economic University, a retired leftist professor to teach us. After...
  11. HuiZhou 2011-08-22 11.47.06 
After a month covert investigation, resigned from the factory. Summary of survey results.
  12. ShenZhen 2011-07-24 16.56.54 
My middle finger in front of Deng Xiaoping.
  13. ShenZhen 2011-08-10 15.55.53 
I am posing as migrant workers, go sweatshop candidates. Inside the factory, I secretly photographed this picture.
  14. ZhongShan 2011-7 
In the vicinity of the Sun Yat-sen's former residence, we offer a theoretical classes. Before class, we sing the "March for you...
  15. ShenZhen 2011-07-24 17.24.38 
Shenzhen Red Song Group in the park for cultural performances. Publicity boycott of genetically modified foods. The...
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